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Big tips for buying LED lamp beads

time:2022-03-18 source:ZJ Lighting Views:132

LED lamp beads are light-emitting diodes, which are a type of decorative lighting products often used in the commercial and home lighting industries. They not only have the effect of lighting, but also are used for interior decoration because of their soft lighting. The types and types of LED lamp beads are very diverse, so what details should consumers pay attention to in the purchase process?

Big tips for buying LED lamp beads(图1)

1. LED lamp purchase skills - LED lamp brightness

    Different colors of LED lamp beads will have different luminous intensities, and the common units are mcd and lm, that is, millicandela. The higher the value, the greater the luminous intensity, that is, the brighter. This is an important indicator for choosing LED lamps. Lamps with higher brightness requirements are more expensive, because high-brightness LED chips are expensive (but worth the money).

2, LED lamp beads buying skills - LED color

    There are many small packaging factories that do not have spectroscopic color separation machines, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality. LEDs that have not undergone spectroscopic color separation have poor color consistency, and of course, the price difference is relatively large.

3, LED lamp beads buying skills - LED chips

    The place of origin of the chip determines the price and the quality of the lamp. Customers can often determine the quality of the LED lamp by knowing the supplier of the LED chip used on the LED lamp, because the biggest factor that determines the price of the LED is the chip. Therefore, knowing the chip supplier can roughly determine the price range of LED lamps, which is one of the effective means for experienced buyers to evaluate suppliers.