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Causes and solutions of LED display plaques

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With the high prosperity of business development, LED display screens, as a terminal display media, have attracted more and more attention from advertisers. However, after nearly 20 years of development of LED display screens, there are still many technical details that have not been resolved, and the patch phenomenon of the display screen is one of them. The phenomenon of LED display plaque has been around for a long time, and it has almost formed an industry defect that is ignored by everyone. Although some accessory companies continue to improve their processes and work hard to solve them, they have little effect.

 The front of the mask and the back of the mask

The back of the LED module mask is flat, and the front is designed with striped protrusions and the brim of the lamp because of the light type. That is to say, our design focuses on the front light type; precisely because of our design , And the shrinkage of PC materials is not fully considered, which leads to the imbalance of the surface stress distribution caused by the shrinkage of the material (shrinkage refers to the shrinkage rate of the material after molding, and the shrinkage rate of different materials is different), the stripes on the front of the mask The shape of the protrusion shrinks more than the back plane shrinks, and the stress generated in the front is also greater than the stress generated in the back. The front and back imbalance of the stress causes the mask to dent to the back;


What about the phenomenon? Because of the unbalanced stress distribution in the front and back of the mask caused by material shrinkage and design defects, and the surface stress of the module mask is unevenly distributed, the stress generated by the shrinkage in the middle part of the module mask is greater than the edge, so the mask Generally, it is more concave in the middle to the back.

Some people may say that the module mask is soft. I use the module bottom shell to lift the middle of the mask. This phenomenon should disappear? But the conclusion is ruthless—no.

   Another phenomenon is that due to the shrinkage of the material, the surface of the mask also has an effect on the reflection curvature of the light, so it visually increases the plaque feeling of the display screen.

  From the above analysis, we can conclude that the plaques of the display screen are caused by the material and design defects of the mask, so how to solve this problem?

At present, the two manufacturers in the industry behind the above picture coincidentally use the ink color of the mask to make a fuss, which is to use ink as much as possible to blur the plaque feeling, but this method cannot completely solve the display screen. Due to the harsh requirements for ink color, it also brings difficulties to the supplier in processing and production, which will invisibly increase the cost; and in the application process of the display screen due to the accumulation of dust on the surface of the screen and other factors This plaque feeling will get stronger and stronger.