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Future development trends for flip chip

time:2020-06-22 source:ZJ Lighting Views:193

 The attitude of China for the LED is still very firm, the government gave a lot of support to LED, coupled with the promotion of different lighting manufacturers, it helps the domestic flip chip LED industry to achieve steady growth, but there will be some manufacturers for the profits, often resulting the led market surge in output, the price war started. Although the flip-chip epitaxial wafers have been oversupplied in China, it is still relatively optimistic in the future market scale ,and with most of chips are at a middle level. There is still room for a fall in price, while the price of other led products will be more stable.

  Under the consideration of demand supply, the led industry not into scale in China, however the overall is still maintained the growing up more than 20%, mainly because of our intensive policy, although some vendors have begun slowly transformation, to the others of led flip-chip industry.

  Led lighting has a huge demand at present, due to China's large population base, and people's living standards continue to improve, and the recognition of high-tech products, led flip is a good development prospects in China, it will also have a certain market in the future.