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How much power LED street light should be selected for road lighting

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As the saying goes, every industry has its own professional knowledge, laymen watch the fun, and insiders watch the doorway, then for the road, its lighting, choose how much power LED street lights are suitable, this problem must be relatively professional for people. , must be relatively familiar, but for laymen customers, they do not know much about this aspect, so today Hebei Changyuan Lighting will explain this problem to you.

Before choosing, you must consider many aspects, mainly considering these points first.

1. The use of led street lights

For the power selection of street lights, it is necessary to clarify the led street lights

Its purpose, where is it installed, and its main uses are generally divided into industrial parks, pedestrian streets, commercial streets, conventional roads and lighting at the entrance of various organs. In the case of different uses, the selected street lamp power is also different.

2. The length of the lighting time of led street lights

Some areas have certain requirements for the lighting time of LED street lights. It is recommended to choose Changyuan LED street lights. For long-term lighting, the requirements for LED street lights are also relatively high, especially its heat dissipation. For the power of street lights, it is The greater the power, the greater the need for heat dissipation. Therefore, when choosing the power of street lamps, do not blindly choose.

How much power LED street light should be selected for road lighting(图1)

3. Height of Led street lights

For the poles of street lights, its length requirements are different. There are also many poles with other heights such as 3 meters, 6 meters, 9 meters, 11 meters, etc., but the height of LED street lights with high power must be smaller than Street lights with high power have high intensity, so when customers choose the power of street lights, they should know the approximate height of the light poles, and survey the actual situation in all aspects in advance.

4. The actual installation environment of the led street light, as well as the brightness of its light source, are all factors that need to be considered.

For the street lamp installation project on the road, it is not that the installation effect of the street lamp with higher power is better, it is more appropriate to choose the appropriate LED street lamp, so as to make full use of resources.

When purchasing the power of led street lights, the power should be considered according to various conditions before making a decision. Choosing the right street light is more critical.