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How to choose a full-color led display

time:2021-11-22 source:ZJ Lighting Views:281

After years of development in China's LED display industry, many high-quality full-color LED display manufacturers have emerged. Winbond Ying Optoelectronics stands out in the fierce market competition with its strong strength. Its products are well received by customers. We have become the strong backing of our customers with sophisticated equipment and high-quality services.

Full-color LED display has become an indispensable electronic product in everyone's daily life, so a question people have to consider is how to choose the most suitable full-color LED display? In daily life, what can LED displays bring us? Full-color LED display manufacturer Winbond Yingguang provides a reference here!

How to choose a full-color led display(图1)

1. As a means of promoting merchandise and attracting customers.

2. Give full play to the role of in-store decoration and upgrade the corporate level.

3. As a kind of lighting, unconventional.

4. Play a role in popularizing knowledge. (It can be used to broadcast small news about enterprise products and related industry knowledge)

5. Play the role of a bulletin board. (Promotion, posting recruitment information)

6. Play the role of setting off the atmosphere. It can broadcast superior leaders, various important persons visiting and guiding, various important festival celebration language, etc.

7. As a warning, it is usually used for road traffic LED navigation instructions, etc.

Full-color LED display products are widely used in banks, securities, transportation (highways, airports, railway stations, subways, etc.). Medical treatment, sports, advertising, rental. Black and white display screens are used to guide the flow of people in docks, stations, entrances and exits of large shopping malls, and elevators. Its advantages are clear fonts, cluster control, and low price.