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How to correctly distinguish the quality of the wall washer?

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It is a professional manufacturer of led guardrail tubes and led wall washer lamps. It has accumulated many years of production and research and development experience. It has summarized a set of methods to extend the life of led guardrail tubes and led wall washer lamps. One of the main aspects is to solve the problem of the circuit board. The circuit board needs to be energized and operated in a vacuum state so that there will be no short circuit and other phenomena, so that the service life will be more effective. We need to carry out special protection treatment on the circuit board. The surface of electronic components is basically the same as before treatment, and there is no obstacle to the luminous effect of the product. Such protective measures can reach IP67 protection level. After treatment, the protection layer can withstand high and low temperature changes of -40-200 , The results are obtained through various data tests. The ultra-thin special protective layer will not affect the long-term stable operation of the electronic components on the circuit board in the daily work of the LED guardrail tube and the LED wall washer tube.

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How to correctly distinguish the quality of led wall washer tubes? First look at whether there are product trademarks and certification marks, such as 3C certification, CE certification, etc. In addition, see if the product's additional voltage, voltage scale, color temperature, matters of attention, safety instructions, applicable environment, etc. can be clearly marked. Second, due to the special technology in the production process of LED lamps, the cost is relatively high. Usually, the price of domestic LED lamps is more than 40-50 yuan, and the imported ones are even higher. Third, carefully observe the color change of the lamp. If it changes from yellow light to white light, or from white light to blue white light in a short period of time, such a product may be discarded.

      Because it is likely to be a power supply question or a wrong light source selection. In addition, the luminous color should be consistent and not flicker. After the led wall washer is lit, the heat dissipation of the product can be detected by touching the surface temperature of the product. If the temperature of the product surface continues to rise within 1 hour, rather than the maximum temperature stability of 30 minutes, do not choose this product. Due to poor heat dissipation, the product life will be shortened. So you have to understand the principle of lamps and then you can know how to choose lamps. Because many led products are organizations that depend on quality and certification, and how much environmental protection is reached, you can also refer to the parameters. Because they are brand products, they will be very strict. check.