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LED display enters the mobile application market

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At present, the application of LED display has penetrated into all areas of our life and work. It can be seen in large supermarkets, hotel banquet halls, stage performances, meeting rooms, traffic control centers, building advertisements, etc. Now, it has entered the mobile application market and has begun to stage a "speed and passion" for everyone.

      The so-called mobile application market refers to the installation of LED displays on mobile carriers-vehicles, such as cars, ships, yachts, etc. This installation and use environment is very different from the general outdoor display screen, and it also puts forward more additional requirements for the display screen. The following introduces what new features the display should have.

     The installation and disassembly of traditional static display screens will incur costs, and a little carelessness during transportation will cause damage and other problems, which will affect the normal stage performance. The vehicle-mounted LED screen has a high degree of flexibility, can realize long-distance transportation, and can easily and quickly build an outdoor stage background. Therefore, it has been widely used in many outdoor live-scene columns in recent years.

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 In addition to the characteristics of general outdoor displays, car-mounted LED displays must first have high stability and reliability, because when the car is moving, there will be some weak pulling power every time the brakes are turned on; secondly, it must be stable. If the power supply is unstable, it is easy to cause the display to be burned. Once again, it has adjustable brightness, and the outdoor light will be brighter during the day. The display should be appropriately reduced in brightness to meet viewing needs, and the brightness should be moderately increased at night. Avoid excessive light that affects road safety. finally,

Pay attention to anti-static. Cars are prone to static electricity during operation, especially in autumn. The high voltage of static electricity can reach thousands of volts. If there is no good anti-static measures, it is easy to damage IC and LED lights. Therefore, the car display must have strong antistatic ability to extend the service life of the display.

    On ships or cruise ships, the LED display adopts a high-protection design, which can withstand the harsh environment of outdoors and water, prevent irreversible damage due to water vapor, salt, and high temperature erosion. With good ventilation and heat dissipation, the LED display 7× Stick to the post 24 hours a day. On the ship, the LED display screen is in an unstable environment, shaking, so the steel frame structure should be stable when installing, so as not to cause the display screen to fall off due to the shaking of the hull or the typhoon. The ship display screen has great advantages on the river or sea, with a wide field of vision and good visibility. As the hull moves, the advertising effect will be wider, and it can also cooperate with cruise ships to carry out some entertainment performances to play more commercial value.


    LED display products have never lacked a market, and what is lacking is the eye to discover opportunities in the market. For mobile display screens, which have not yet been fully popularized in China, manufacturers should improve the performance of their products to meet the high requirements in this field, and strive for a certain market share for themselves. This mobile application market has a lot of space in the future. As long as the technology can meet the high standards of the special environment, the popularization will be much easier.