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What is the appropriate glass interval in the chip of the flood light manufacturer?

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The domestic LED lamp power phantom standard has become a norm in the industry. Generally, the actual power is more than two-thirds of the nominal power, so it is still acceptable. Just buy a higher power. However, the virtual standard power of an LED flood light recently bought is more than 5 times. If you need the actual power, it is basically useless if you buy it. Therefore, I feel it is necessary to let everyone know about this special situation, and ask for the actual power when purchasing this kind of lamp, so as not to buy it and not use it.

  The LED flood light circuit is a typical capacitor step-down circuit with a working voltage of 150V and no constant current function.

  The LED light board is installed on the thin aluminum sheet of the condenser. The power supply should look like a resistance-capacitance (seeing that there are two large capacitors, a small resistor, and two small electrolysis). No inductance or anything is seen. It is filled with glue. , I'm not in the mood to see this).


     The nominal power is 100W, using 102 5730 lamp beads, each lamp bead 0.5W, the full power should be 51W. Two-thirds of the power should also be more than 30W. However, the actual measurement is not 18W, the plastic on the back, the heat dissipation conditions are not good, it is estimated that this is the reason for the reduction of power.

What is the appropriate glass interval in the chip of the LED flood light manufacturer? Everyone hasn't noticed the chip composition of LED floodlights. Today, Yueyao will give you a comprehensive explanation of this aspect of the problem! There are also product parameters and characteristics. The products have different use values, at least in the LED field, which has a wide range of performance. Its chips are even more worthy of attention:


    Chip 30W single package light source, using condenser lens, high-power chip can make the product lighting effect play better;

    The thickness of tempered glass is usually 8~12mm, and the thickness of tempered glass must be reasonable, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation of the product;

    The distance between the chip and the glass depends on what kind of chip you are using. A good material will play a very good role in the performance of the chip;

    The thickness of tempered glass is usually 8~~12mm. Of course, this scale is also related to the size of your lamp;

    Wattage: 1WLED flood light. 3WLED flood light. 5WLED flood light. 6WLED flood light. 9WLED flood light. 12WLED flood light. 15WLED flood light. 18WLED flood light. Various power levels affect The lighting effect of the product.