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What processing technology does the high-power wall washer use to ensure the heat dissipation effect

time:2022-02-15 source:ZJ Lighting Views:185

  The power can be changed sensitively according to the request. Usually, the high-power wall washer refers to a single row, and the multiple rows are called linear LED floodlights. In addition, because of heat dissipation, the use of a single 1W wall washer for 1 meter should not exceed 36W, otherwise poor heat dissipation will cause severe light decay. Its shape is long, and some people call it LED linear lamp. Its technical parameters are roughly similar to LED floodlights. Compared with the circular structure of LED floodlights, the high-power wall washer uses Puwei waterproof and breathable. The valve handles the balance of the pressure difference between the surface and the inside of the lamp and the problem of waterproofing. The heat dissipation device of the strip structure appears to be better handled in the lighting project.

What processing technology does the high-power wall washer use to ensure the heat dissipation effect(图1)

    For such a high-power wall washer, it is very safe to use, and the production cost is relatively low. This is a very good way of self-promotion for many businesses, especially such a high-power wall washer. According to the needs of customers, various shapes and patterns are transformed, so it is very popular for those who specialize in decoration design.

The shell of the high-power wall washer adopts advanced oxidation sprayed aluminum profile and integral molding processing technology, and the tempered glass surface cover ensures a good heat dissipation effect and effectively reduces the light decay during the use of the LED.

    The high-power wall washer has clear lines, simple structure, beautiful appearance, sturdiness, corrosion resistance, and easy installation.

    The surface of high-power wall washer lamps is electrostatically sprayed, with good high temperature resistance and weather resistance.

    Waterproofing is more than just sealing and immersing in water. Even if it is a successful product, how to balance the air pressure in the surface of the high-power wall washer and reduce the entry of water vapor is also very important. Therefore, there is a waterproof and breathable membrane on the back of the market. I think the principle of the task should be to breathe with the outside air through this layer of membrane and the holes on the surface of the lamp to reach the air pressure in the balance sheet to prevent the inhalation of water vapor. There are also many small vents on the membrane and will not become a channel for water aggression. Due to the surface tension of the water, it can be waterproof and can balance the air pressure on the surface of the lamp. It looks like a Appropriate good product.