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120W Solar Power Station ZJ-CN120

&High power: 120WH, large capacity, support AC / USB / car charger interface output, 220V / 120W.

&Three output modes: strong compatibility, multi-function interface design, equipped with three different interfaces of AC, USB, and car charger port, providing two different voltage mode outputs of AC and DC, which can supply power for multiple devices at the same time.

&Pure sine wave output: The ideal power sine wave in the current, the output waveform is the same as the mains, it can be compatible with a variety of equipment and will not damage the equipment.

&Foldable solar panel: easy to carry, one-handed, easy to carry outdoors, the folded solar panel is only the size of a notebook and does not take up space.

&Driving by car is very convenient. The car can also be charged, wherever it is charged, location shooting, take outdoor power, talk about leaving, and fear what is insufficient.

product information

Model: ZJ-CN120

Continuous Power: 120W                                                 Over Load Pretection: 140W±20W

Peach output power: 240W                                              Output waveform: Pure sine wave

AC output voltage: AC110V± 10% or AC220V± 10%

Output real power: ≧85%                                                  Quiescent current: <500uA

Over Charge portect: 13± 0.5V                                         USB output: TYPE-C+QC3.0+QC3.0

DC output: Cigarette lighter 12V/8A

                  12V*2 output ports (4A+4A)

Size: 7.0*3.05*4.75in