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How important is the waterproof performance of LED street lights?

time:2022-03-24 source:ZJ Lighting Views:282

LED street lights are exposed all year round, and they are exposed to wind, rain and even rain and snow. In fact, they have a great impact on street lights. If it is a place with continuous heavy rain, the street lamp pole should also take protective measures, preferably hot-dip galvanized, which can prevent serious corrosion of the surface of the lamp pole and make the street lamp last longer.

The rust prevention of the lamp pole is nothing but hot-dip galvanizing, cold galvanizing, spraying and other methods. How should the lamp holder be waterproof? In fact, this does not need to be bothered, because many manufacturers will take this into account when they produce street lamp heads, most of which are waterproof.

How important is the waterproof performance of LED street lights?(图1)

Not only that, many LED outdoor street lights have a protection level of IP65, which completely prevents dust intrusion, heavy rain does not seep water, and is not afraid of bad weather. But all things cannot be generalized, because the waterproof performance of LED street lights depends on the manufacturer's manufacturing capacity and level. Big manufacturers are certainly trustworthy, but small workshops may not be able to guarantee this quality.