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What is the reason for the rapid development of led street lights?

time:2022-03-25 source:ZJ Lighting Views:290

In the past, we may only know high-pressure sodium lamps, but with the rapid development of led street lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps have gradually faded out of our sight. Many people may be curious, why LED street lights develop so rapidly? In fact, there is a big reason for this. Let's take a look at it together:

What is the reason for the rapid development of led street lights?(图1)

In fact, the rapid development of led street lights, one of the main reasons is because of cost. In the past, the power consumption of the high-pressure sodium lamps we used was very high, almost double the power consumption of LED street lamps, and the service life was only half of that of LED street lamps. Now popularizing led street lights, the main reason is to reduce urban costs.

In addition to cost reasons, there are other reasons for LED street lights to replace high pressure sodium lamps. According to statistics, 60W LED street lights can reach the illuminance of 250W high pressure sodium lamps, and the power used by the LED street lights themselves is relatively small, which is a good thing for us.

In addition, high-pressure sodium lamps are actually more or less environmentally friendly, and also contain harmful rays, which are not very safe products. The LED street lights used today are safe and low-voltage products, do not contain harmful rays, and can greatly reduce safety hazards during installation and use.

With the rapid development of the times, some products that are not suitable for society will be gradually eliminated, and high-pressure sodium lamps are one of them. LED street lamps are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, have a long service life, are safe and reliable, and are bound to replace high-pressure sodium lamps. I believe that in the days to come, there will be other products to replace the street lights of led street lights, but at present, there are still many benefits brought by led street lights. What do you think?