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How to adjust the brightness of indoor full-color LED lights?

time:2021-11-23 source:ZJ Lighting Views:150

There are two ways to control the brightness of the indoor full-color LED lights:

1. Change the current through the indoor full-color LED lights. Generally, the LED tube can work continuously for about 20ma. In addition to the saturation of the red LED, the brightness of the LED is basically proportional to the current.

2. Use the inertia of human vision to realize the gray-scale control of pulse width modulation, that is, periodically change the light pulse width (that is, the duty cycle). As long as the refresh frequency is high enough, the human eyes will not feel the shaking of the light-emitting pixels. Because pulse width modulation is more suitable for digital control, microcomputers are generally used to provide LED lights content. Almost all indoor full-color LED lightss use pulse width modulation to control grayscale.

How to adjust the brightness of indoor full-color LED lights?(图1)

The brightness of the indoor full-color LED lights must reach 1500cd/m2 or more to ensure the normal playback of the indoor full-color LED lights. Otherwise, the lightsed image will not be clear due to the low brightness, but many indoor full-color LED lightss The brightness exceeds 5000cd/m2, and the playback effect is very good during the day, but such high brightness will cause serious light pollution at night.

The existing software adjusts the brightness, generally adopts a 256-level adjustment method. In fact, the software is only an operation interface. Through software operation, the PWM duty cycle of the full-color LED lights driver is changed to realize the brightness change.

The brightness of an indoor full-color LED lights is very useful for LED screens. Adjusting brightness through software is a basic method and practice in the industry, and is considered an effective method. Generally, after the indoor full-color LED lights project is completed, manufacturers Special training will be given to the software, the purpose is to help customers start business as soon as possible.