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How to distinguish the quality of the full-color LED lights?

time:2021-11-23 source:ZJ Lighting Views:282

The full-color LED lights is composed of basic led unit boards, not only full-color LED lightss, but other traditional lightss are composed of unit boards. If there is a problem with the unit board, it will directly affect the lights effect of the full-color LED lights. , Even directly cause the screen to turn black, so how to effectively distinguish the quality of the full-color LED lights unit board is very important.

1. Integrated circuit equipment: A good brand is essential to integrated circuit equipment. In the future, we will consider which model to use and how many ICs to use, which will have a great impact on the quality of the led unit board. Some full-color LED lights manufacturers deliberately reduce the number of integrated circuit devices or use irregular non-brand integrated circuit devices in order to save costs when producing battery panels.

2. LED lamp beads and chips: The quality of LED lamp beads cannot be judged by the naked eye, and can only be determined after a long period of multiple tests. For informal full-color LED lights manufacturers, the product can only be powered on to check whether the lights is working properly before leaving the factory, but the aging test does not. Because the long-term aging test will affect the human resources of the manufacturer. Generally, the full-color LED lights will be on for at least 4 days (24 hours uninterrupted) before the product is shipped to ensure that all products can be fully delivered to the customer.

How to distinguish the quality of the full-color LED lights?(图1)

3. Welding quality: Welding is to check whether there are defects or wrong parts on the patch, burrs and short circuits of the part pins. Check whether the in-line welding seam is smooth and round, whether the board surface is tidy, whether there is false welding or missing welding. Check the smoothness of the light dot matrix and the consistency of the ink color.

4. LED unit board materials: In recent years, many full-color LED lights manufacturers have used cheap flame-retardant cardboard materials or single-sided fiberboards as printed circuit boards for LED lights to compete with more customers at low prices. An ignorant person may feel that there is little difference, because there is no visual difference. In the first few months of use, water, UV damage, oxidation, oxidative fracture and other problems are prone to occur. In this way, it is easy to invalidate the entire full-color LED lights.