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Indoor LED HD lights "same model" may not be "same product"

time:2021-11-23 source:ZJ Lighting Views:292

The marketers of Wittem, a creative LED lights manufacturer, often contact customers when selling LED high-definition lightss and ask them why the price of your same lights is so much higher than others? For example, P4LED lights. Generally speaking, P4led high-definition lights screen refers to the pixel pitch of 4.0mm, but the pixel pitch of the led lights screen on the market is 4.81mm, which is the internal led screen of p4.81. For customers who do not understand the external environment, some sales staff adopt a blind method, claiming P4 full-color LED lights. In this way, the price gap will be more obvious, and many uninformed customers think that good products can be bought at low prices.

Indoor LED HD lights "same model" may not be "same product"(图1)