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The characteristics of the small-pitch LED lights background system

time:2021-11-23 source:ZJ Lighting Views:218

Through the development in recent years, the clarity of the small-pitch LED lights has been greatly improved. As the density increases, it becomes more difficult to further reduce the pixel pitch. At the same time, the back-end support system for small-pitch LED lightss is undergoing profound changes. Lights signal driving system is also called sending card and receiving card. The sending card is embedded into the external type with independent power supply module from the original PCI slot.

After using the small-pitch LED lights, the standard 1U rack type is used. This is just a change in appearance and access mode. As far as the load capacity of the system is concerned, the transmitting card gradually adapts to the video resolution load of the standard video format. The most typical one is to support one-time 1080p signal access; the introduced HDMI interface inputs are all small-distance signal access platforms that match the front-end matrix.

The characteristics of the small-pitch LED lights background system(图1)

For the receiving card, with the increase of the pixel density of the lights unit and the shrinking of the unit space, a modular storage receiving card with a larger load and a smaller volume is gradually exported; but in terms of signal double backup, the small-pitch LED lights mostly adopts traditional Signal loop form. When the system is stable and reliable, a certain degree of double backup can be achieved. But in the near future, more small-pitch microcontroller manufacturers will use dual-system cards to replace the signal loop, thereby improving the stability of the system.

It is foreseeable that the receiving card supplier of the system is seeking business breakthroughs and has discussed and explored the form of integrated circuit chips. I'm sure it won't be long. The lights drive system will appear in a destructive form. For the signal access platform-level video splicing wall, equipment suppliers at all levels have gradually accepted the rejection of small-pitch LED lightss.

According to the existing standard plug-in wall-mounted hardware device plug-in controller, the product is output with the original interface and the resolution is fixed. The interface resolution can be freely defined to adapt to the signal access characteristics of small-pitch LED lights products. From the initial leading small-pitch LED lights manufacturer looking for connection tools to customize the output resolution for the entire industry, now the connection tool industry provides or tries to provide splicing functions for connection tools. This cannot be said to be a compromise and progress in the technology market.

It is not difficult to find that small-pitch LED lights products are gradually infiltrating the field of professional lightss from traditional commercial lights carriers. Both the product itself and the back-end system are constantly being adjusted and improved.