Make the gardens more beautiful & make the world brighter!

ZJ-DC35 35 LEDS Solar Spotlights RGB

1 Auto Color Cycling & 8 Fixed Color Lights

It's super easy to select the lighting mode as each press will enter a different lighting mode; in addition, the light sensor will automatically turn on and off according to the surrounding brightness, with built-in memory function, the solar light will revert to the original light setting .

Automatically cycle colorful lights:

The first mode is the color cycle light mode; Press once to enter, the lights will automatical change in a cycle through multiple colors.

8 Fixed Color Lights:The multi-color solar lights are also available with solid lights: White, Red, Green, Blue, Lemon Yellow, Cyan, Purple, Rainbow. You can choose the prefer lights for each solar light to illuminate the different areas.

Start Using* Please note the solar light can't turn on with light detected on the solar panel. Therefore, you need to cover the solar panel with your hand or something else to imitate a dark working environment before pushing the button. * Push the button on the back to turn on the light and switches the modes to check if it can work.

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